Edwards County COVID-19 Business Microloans

The Kansas Department of Commerce and Edwards County Commissioners are allowing the immediate release of CDBG Microloan Funds to aid Businesses with working capital needs as a result of COVID-19.

  1. Loans must be used for working capital.  Working capital is defined as salaries and wages, purchase of inventory, utilities, rent, insurance payments, etc.;
  2. The term of the loan shall be 3 years or less 
  3. The interest rate will be less than 4%.
  4. Business Owner or 51% of employees must meet Low-Moderate Income Standards.
  5. Matching Funds are not required.
  6. Maximum Loan is $5,000 
  7. Will need a letter from the company/business attesting the company is either shut down or will be shut down due to COVID 19