Edwards County Health

In the early 90s a devastating hailstorm and flood made this county realize how important healthcare is to our residents.  Faced with the loss of our hospital, the county rallied and built a new hospital and fixed up the old one to be utilized for offices, health department and a fitness center.  Quality healthcare is something we take very seriously.  Individuals come from miles around to visit our doctors and other health care providers.  Specialists come to our hospital on a regular basis so we don't have to travel to get Specialist Care.  With three doctors clinics, a chiropractor, eye doctor, and dentist, you can get most of your needs met here.  We also put prevention at the top of our priorities with two fitness centers, Men's and Women's health fairs,  a wellness program and a proposed walking trail.

Edwards County Medical Center

Edwards County Health Department

Edwards County Health Organization

Medicalodges - Kinsley - is a skilled nursing facility providing standard geriatric nursing, medication supervision and assistance with personal needs. We also have a geriatric psych unit.We are also staffed and equipped to provide: Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy, Adult Day Care, Respite Care and specialized care for Accident victims, Post-operative patients, Victims of head trauma, Individuals with spinal cord injury, Coma patients.

Atwood Wellness Center
Come and take advantage of the high quality workout equipment including cardiovascular and weight training machines.  Includes treadmills, bikes, elliptical machine, stair climber, rowing machine, nine weight stations with one to two exercises per station.  Free orientation if desired. Key cards are programmed so you can enter the facility any time of day.  Open 24 hours/ 7 days a week.  Cost is Individual 20.00/ month, Family 35.00/ month, 60 years and older 7.00/ month.  Ask about our corporate program!  Located at the Edwards County Hospital, 620 W. 8th, Kinsley.  Call 620-659-3621.

Lewis Fitness Center
Cardiovascular and weight equipment available.  Cost is Individual - 10.00/ month; Family - 17.00/ month; Seniors  - 7.00/ month.  Open 24 hours/ 7 days a week with key code.  Located at 300 S. Lewis Street.  Sign up at the Lewis City Office or by calling 620-324-5551.