Business Incentives

Neighborhood Revitalization - A Tax Rebate Incentive Program
If you are planning to build, remodel or rehabilitate a home or business and plan to invest 5,000 dollars or more in the project then you may be eligible for the Neighborhood Revitalization Program.  It is a program that provides tax rebates for new construction and rehabilitation of existing structures.  The program refunds the property taxes that would be due resulting from an increased value based on the qualified improvement.  Qualified improvements include new construction, rehabilitation and remodel.  As a general rule, repairs do not qualify unless several major repairs are done at the same time.  For more information contact Cindy Craft at 620-659-3001. Click here for the application.

City of Kinsley Building Incentive
Businesses building new storage sheds in the City of Kinsley that are a minumum of 30' x 40' that have water and sewer hookup to city utilities are eligible for a $1,500.00 cash incentive.  Must be all new construction, comply with most recent Uniform Building Codes and National Electrict Codes and be completed within 18 months from date of application.  Contact Jay Dill at the City of Kinsley, 620-659-3611.

Edwards County Revolving MicroLoan Program

Edwards County maintains a MicroLoan program for small business start-ups or expansions.  You must be a resident of the county or starting a business within the county, you may not owe any back taxes, and you or your employees will need to meet certain income-level criteria.  Maximum loan amount is 25,000 dollars.  This loan program has helped a number of businesses get started in Edwards County.  For additional information write or call Linette Miller at Edwards County Economic Development Corporation, 108 E. 6th Street, Kinsley, 620-659-2711 or toll free at 1-877-464-3929.

Department of Commerce

The Kansas Department of Commerce has a number of tax incentive tools for a variety of businesses in Kansas.  Edwards County has been designated as a Nonmetropolitan Business Region under the Kansas Enterprise Zone Act which makes many of these incentives available here.  There are programs that provide employee training for certain types of businesses and tax rebates and tax credits for investments in businesses that meet certain criteria.  If you are thinking or starting, relocating or expanding a business in Edwards County contact:The Office of Economic Development at 620-659-2711 or 1-877-464-3929.