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Kinsley Community Foundation

Your Hometown. Their Future!
You've enjoyed a good life in a great community. What would you do to ensure future generations of Kinsley residents can say the same? The Keep 5 in Kansas initiative asks us to designate just 5% of our estates to our hometown needs. With a little planning and help from our community foundation, we can create permanent funding for our schools, hospitals, churches, parks, nonprofits, libraries, ans so much more.

Our Goals
The Kinsley Community Foundation was created in 2015 to build a strong and lasting charitable organization whereby individuals and businesses are given the opportunity to make charitable gifts for the benefit of the people of the Community of Kinsley. The Foundation, designed to function in perpetuity, offers a sound and personal process for donors to make meaningful contributions to enrich the quality of life in Kansas. Donors have the distinct privilege and opportunity to express their hopes and dreams for their contributions. Charitable gifts entrusted to the Foundation are carefully managed to maximize safety and earnings while remaining focused on the periodic charitable distributions from earnings to fulfill the desires of the donors.

Supervised Management
The Kinsley Community Foundation is an endowed fund affiliated with the Community Foundation of  Southwest Kansas. A local 5 member board of directors will advise concerning fund disbursements and work to build the assets of the fund. The Community Foundation of Southwest Kansas Board of Directors, Staff, and the Board of Directors of the Kinsley Community Fund a function cooperatively in overseeing the Funds. The Foundation retains membership in the National Council of Foundations. Through this important membership, along with Auditors, specialized expertise is provided to ensure compliance and security procedures in the overall functions of the Foundation. In meeting the criteria of foundations, the Community Foundation of Southwest Kansas was approved, accepted and certified for National Standard status.

Your Gifts Gratefully Accepted
Contributions to the Kinsley Community Foundation may be made in various ways. Contacting the designated contact person for the fund to discuss options of your desire is an excellent process. The Foundation also highly recommends that you meet with your attorney, accountant, trust officer, estate planning, financial advisor or representative to discuss your desire. The Foundation maintains a strong relationship with these professional specialists so all of us can cooperatively accomplish your goals. When you have made your decision to make a gift to the Community Foundation, your specific plan is outlined and any one or several of the following may apply. Other forms of gifts unique to you may also apply.

Outright Gifts

Charitable Remainder Uni-Trusts

Charitable Lead Trusts

Life Insurance

Retirement Plans


Within each type of gift you have the privilege of specifying the exact charitable needs you desire to support.