Store Closing Presents Opportunity

According to a press release from Duckwall-Alco on November 29, they will be closing all 44 of their Duckwall stores including the one here in Kinsley.  The release states that this is an effort to redeploy the capital from those stores into higher-return ALCO Stores.

                Edwards County Economic Development is working to replace this shopping venue for the community by contacting similar store chains that serve the same market as Duckwall.  However, attracting a similar store may not be the best solution for our community.  Although a chain will provide jobs and sales tax revenues to the community, their profits are sent to corporate headquarters rather than staying local.

                This store closing presents a wonderful opportunity for a local entrepreneur interested in providing variety store merchandise.  A local owner would allow for local control and the profits would stay in the community.

                Anyone interested in exploring this opportunity should contact Linette Miller at Edwards County Economic Development at 620-659-2711.