Local Christmas Gift Ideas




            As the Holiday Season approaches it is important to remember to do as much shopping in Edwards County as possible.  What locally owned businesses would you miss if they disappeared?  Your purchases are what keep those businesses around!

If every household in Edwards County would pledge to spend $100 more each month in locally owned businesses, it would generate $1,746,000 in revenue.  Statistics show that $68 out of every $100 spent locally, stays in Edwards County, equaling $1,187,280.

Here are the top ten reasons to shop local today and everyday:

1.       Money Spent Local, Stays Local – When you shop in our community you simultaneously create jobs, fund more services like education and health and safety services through taxes, invest in neighborhood improvement and promote community development.

2.       Local Businesses Contribute to the Community – Ninety-one percent of local business owners contribute to their community, including schools, nonprofits and community groups, by volunteering and making donations.  How can you expect area businesses to support your cause if you don’t support them?

3.       Local Businesses Provide Jobs – Supporting our own local businesses means you’re helping to secure jobs and opportunities for your neighbors, family and community.  These employees in turn spend in the local economy.

4.       Shopping Local Saves You Money – Choosing to shop local saves you fuel costs, meals and shipping fees if shopping online, not to mention long line-ups, traffic, weather, and travel time which equates to money saved.

5.       Lower Environmental Impact – Reduce your environmental footprint.  Shopping local means you’re not burning fuel and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.  Everything you need is right here in our own backyard.

6.       Entrepreneurship – Local entrepreneurship fosters economic innovation and prosperity.  The success of locally owned businesses provides real-life inspiration to our young people, proving that they can stay in or return to our community to prosper.

7.       Get Better Service – It is no secret that local people are caring, friendly people…your neighbors!  Our area businesses take pride in hiring the right people who are passionate about their products and services.  By shopping local, we’re giving them the support they’ve earned.

8.       Consider What Our Retailers Face – They purchased their stock six months ago hoping to sell it today, pay their employees, pay their taxes, heating and cooling costs, donate to many community programs, and hopefully pay themselves.

9.       Lots of Great Products & Services – There over 100 businesses and organizations that are listed in our local Business Directory (www.edwardscounty.org); with so many great stores, products and services the choices are endless.

10.   Keep Our Community Unique – We have a variety of unique specialty shops and products that are an integral part of the distinctive character of our area.  By choosing to support local businesses you help maintain our diverse, distinct character.


You may be thinking, “This is a great idea, but I can’t get the gifts I need here.”  You CAN get great gifts right here in Edwards County.  Aside from the obvious gift stores, antiques, & other shopping venues here, I have come up with a few gift ideas:

·         What to get that kid who has way too many toys already?  How about opening a savings account at your local bank or purchasing a savings bond.

·         Gift Certificates are always a great gift.  How about one for a favorite coffee spot or local restaurant.  Or what about a massage or manicure/pedicure?

·         Everyone loves a movie.  Gifts Certificates for the Theater or for video rentals are a great gift for people of any age. 

·         Make up a gift basket with little things you know the person loves….or better yet, call the local basket store and let them do it for you.

·         Flowers say I love you.  Buy a locally grown poinsettia or a gift certificate for starter plants when spring rolls around.

·         What to get for the person who has everything?  What about a gift certificate for groceries or gas?  Everyone uses those things.

·         Pick up your friend’s favorite bottle of wine or spirits.

·         Check with some of the local retailers.  They can order items for you like electronics or other things they may not normally stock.

·         Cell phones or upgrades to wireless services make great gifts for your kids, your spouse, or your parents.

·         Make a donation to your local library, favorite charity or museum in a friend’s name.

·         Many local people make crafts, jewelry, baked goods, canned goods or other foods and sell them at craft fairs, community events or farmer’s markets.   Contact these individuals and ask them to make something for that special friend or relative.

·         Give Chamber Bucks!!  These can be spent like cash at any Edwards County business including your plumber, handyman or other service provider (except liquor stores).


For more information about how you can help save your local economy contact Edwards County Economic Development Corporation at 620-659-2711.  Check out our Community Calendar for information about local events at www.edwardscounty.org.