The City of Kinsley has received a Moderate Income Housing Grant from the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation to build rental housing in the city. The grant will help decrease the cost of construction so that rent can remain at a rate that is affordable for individuals making moderate incomes in the community.

Linette Miller, Edwards County Economic Development Director, wrote the grant and will be providing administration and management of the grant. “New rental housing is in such demand here in Kinsley and this is something I have been working toward for several years,” said Miller.

Edwards County and the Cities pooled resources in 2012 to pay for a housing study that determined Kinsley would need approximately four new rentals in the moderate income affordability range by 2022.

“We plan to build two duplexes which will provide us with the four units that we are projected to need in Kinsley over the next few years,” said Miller.

The State of Kansas began the Moderate Income Housing Program in 2012 when they allocated $2 million to the State Housing Trust Fund to support Housing programs. The State Housing Trust Fund was created in 1991 for the purposed of administering Housing programs in the State.  Since 2012 the State legislature has allocated an additional $2 million dollars to the program. Since 2012 more than 50 communities in Kansas have received MIH program dollars.

For more information about the project contact Linette Miller at City Hall or 620-659-2711, or for information about the MIH Program visit