Kinsley Walking Trail Project

The Edwards County Health Organization has been working on building a walking trail in Kinsley.  The trail will be built around the perimeter of South Park and would be concrete and approximately 5 to 6 feet wide and around a half mile in length.  Putting the trail in the City park provides several advantages.  We do not need to purchase any land or obtain right of ways to build the trail, most of the trail is shaded, the City will maintain the trail and there are two children's play areas at the interior of the trail which would allow parents to walk while their children play safely in sight.

Preliminary estimates for the trail are 80,000.00.  The group plans to apply for a grant from the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Division.  The grant requires a 20% match.  9,000.00 have already been raised of the 16,000.00 needed for the match through local donations.  The group will also apply for a grant from the Sunflower Foundation which will match the amount we have raised dollar for dollar to supply the amount needed to match the KWDP grant.  A business or individual can purchase 4 linear feet of the patch for 100.00.  All donors' names will be prominently displayed on the trail.  If you are interested in this project or would like to make a donation, please contact Connie Watkins at 620-659-2711.